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Griffin RadioSharkSo I’ve been using Griffin’s RadioShark for a few weeks now and must say, I love it.

I’m generally not a big radio fan but this has resparked my interest…specifically with Jazz music. I’ve got some 3,200+ songs in my iTunes collection but don’t really know enough about Jazz to really find what I’d like and purchase albums and what not. With RadioShark I’m able to tune in to the local Denver Jazz station and listen to my hearts content! Plus, sound quality/reception is as good as you can get with radio.

Another super cool feature is the ability to record. It’s Tivo for radio! You can easily record and manage radio including scheduling a recording. So, say you’d be missing your favorite radio show due to being out of town, you can set it to record at a specific day and time!

It’s both Mac and PC compatible and is avaialble for $69.99 over at Griffin.


Rene Flores

I love my RadioShark… but I must concur with Chris and “D”, the software is dicey at best.

I’d even say it’s about as reliable as “freeware” downloaded from cnet or softpedia.

First, there is that occasional, maddening buzzing that takes over, and can only be alleviated by restarting the RadioShark application. This really sucks when you’re deep into the middle of some amazing interview or discussion.

Next, there is the mysterious radio station drift — this one upsets me the most. Now, I’ve been most careful not to use my scroll wheel anywhere NEAR the app, yet it changes station, on its own, and as usual, I only notice after I am immersed 1/2 hour deep into some radio show! Arrgh!

Then there are the no-volume, not-muted, Lord-knows-why-there’s-no-sound-coming-out moments, again causing me to restart the app, losing precious program filled buffer time.

Despite the above-mentioned torments, I live and die by my RadioShark. I turn it on as soon as I sit down to my computer desk in the morning, and I listen to it well into the night, seven days a week. It obediently records everything I need it to, when I’m not around to listen live. It is about as necessary to me as my TiVo is.

Too bad the software doesn’t even compare, not even by a long shot. Ha!

D Cootey

I love my RadioShark, but I have to admit the software is a bumpy road for me. The widget was a resource hog, and the RadioShark app has some interface issues, but the big problem for me is the reliability of the software. It’s just not stable. For example, I just lost a week’s worth of programming. Every day it would crash on launch at the recorded time and then stopped running at all. I’ve unplugged the thing and replugged it in, logged in and out of my user…no luck. Today I manually killed sharkmonitor and restarted the app. Looks like I fixed it…again. Every few weeks it needs to be completely killed and rebooted to work properly. I once found it sticking all my files in a hidden directory. Completely bizarre.

On the other hand, I get to record some great programming I don’t have time to listen to live. It does work.

BTW, I live in a city but have the RadioShark in my basement. I get around the poor reception by plugging an TV antenna I bought at Radio Shack into the antenna jack on the RadioShark. The wavelengths are all wrong for AM and FM, but if you fiddle around with it you can get clear reception.

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Josh Pigford

Well Chris, I found the software to work pretty well for me. In the 2-3 weeks I’ve been using it I haven’t had a single issue with it. What exactly does “utterly atrocious” mean? An explanation might help your point.

As for reception…like you said, I’m in a big city…so I never noticed a reception issue on AM or FM…though I’m on the very far outskirts in a suburb of Denver.

Chris Lawson

The software is utterly atrocious. Griffin would be far better off open-sourcing the drivers and letting the community take over. I can’t say enough bad things about the crime against humanity that the Radioshark software is committing. It’s REALLY bad.

And those of you who know me know that I’m not typically one to really get down on a product. This software is AWFUL. The worst part is that the version 2 upgrade made things even worse, which I didn’t think would be possible considering how bad version 1 was.

Someone please mail Griffin’s developers a copy of the Mac OS X HIG. A paper copy. To beat them with.

Reception is pretty bad too unless you’re in a big city. AM reception is worthless, period. Being in Denver, you may not have noticed this — Denver’s a fairly big city, after all — but trust me, you get out of town more than about 15 miles or so and even a Walkman has better reception, AM *or* FM.

Not that any of the above has kept me from utilising it, but it’s nowhere near as useful as it COULD be.


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