Buy This Hardware: RadioShark

Griffin RadioSharkSo I’ve been using Griffin’s RadioShark for a few weeks now and must say, I love it.

I’m generally not a big radio fan but this has resparked my interest…specifically with Jazz music. I’ve got some 3,200+ songs in my iTunes collection but don’t really know enough about Jazz to really find what I’d like and purchase albums and what not. With RadioShark I’m able to tune in to the local Denver Jazz station and listen to my hearts content! Plus, sound quality/reception is as good as you can get with radio.

Another super cool feature is the ability to record. It’s Tivo for radio! You can easily record and manage radio including scheduling a recording. So, say you’d be missing your favorite radio show due to being out of town, you can set it to record at a specific day and time!

It’s both Mac and PC compatible and is avaialble for $69.99 over at Griffin.


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