Audio Interview: WiderThan CEO & Senior VP

Earlier this month at the Media Summit in NYC, I met the CEO and Senior VP of WiderThan, a pioneering company in mobile music. WiderThan is best know for developing and popularizing ringback tones in Korea, and the company is now making inroads into U.S. It bought U.S. ringtone technology provider ZTango two years ago. It is powering the full track download service from Verizon Vcast as well. The company recently went public on the U.S. ADR market.
An interview with Vern Poyner, CEO of WiderThan Americas, and Jonathan Kim, Senior VP, Products & Services. They talk about the Verizon VCast service, the dual delivery model for mobile music, pricing for full track downloads, the company’s experience with SK Telecom in Korea. They also talk about why ringback tones have not taken off in U.S. and how and when it will take off.
mp3logo1.gif You can download the interview audio here (21 min., 5 MB).