Barablu What?

Another day, another VoIP client!

The Internets are starting to buzz about a new VoIP peer-to-peer client of ambiguous origins called Barablu. They want to take down Skype. Yup, just like Napster wants to shank iTunes and iPod. The client, leaves me cold for many reasons, the biggest being I cannot be sure about the company behind this product. They can do PC-to-PC calling! Yawn! And then there are their lofty claims. IP phone to Mobile phone calling for free? Actually, that’s no different from what Skype does right now. The who claim of free mobile-to-mobile calls.

Barablu will be launching free calls from mobile to mobile (Wi-Fi enabled) by using VoIP technology over Wireless LAN, making it the world’s first company to do so. It also offers free calls from broadband phones and PCs along with instant messaging between mobiles and PCs.

What a load of #*^!. What they really mean to say that you can make free phone calls from Barablu on one WiFi enabled mobile phone to another mobile phone that also uses has a Barablu client installed on that. Since Skype can already do this, this cannot be seen as a gee-whiz feature. The only marginal advantage I see right now is that they have a client that works on Nokia 9500 Communicator. And if this is a SIP based client, which is hard to say at least from their website, then it is something notable. Otherwise, lets move on….


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