OneNote 2007 gets new drawing capabilities


Chris Pratley has a nice post describing the new drawing tools that will be included in OneNote 2007. Which would you rather see:

Current OneNote drawing tools

OneNote 2007 drawing tools


Karel Jansens

So, basically what Newton messagePads had ten years ago, only this time with /colour/ !!! [*]

Isn’t it about time?

[*] And even then… NewtonOS did have support for colour, it just didn’t have the hardware.

Jack Shainsky

I afraid that while I would rather see the picture or diagram done with the new drawing tools, I will still prefer using the old method while taking notes on the run. When taking notes I don’t want to play with any other tools.

As long as there will be no auto shape recognition tools in OneNote, I doubt that this feature will be useful for Tablet PC users.

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