Apple Sponsors Student Film Festival


Apple is joining in on the fun at my school – Bradley University – for the annual (I think?) student film festival tommorrow night, called “iBradley2”. They’re giving away iPods and other prizes to the best filmmakers. In addition, they’re giving away a few prizes to some audience members. I’ve seen a few of my classmates’ projects, which they’re submitting, so it will be neat to see who wins, because the stuff I’ve seen is impressive. Apple has said that they will retain the rights to show the winning films on their site or the music store. I’m curious to see what they have in mind… is this some marketing strategy for new video editing or playback software, or some other scheme?

Here’s the link to the website for the event. I’ll be going to cover it for the student newspaper. Maybe I’ll see you there… ;)


Jason Terhorst

It looks like they do. In the same way that Peter Jackson still has rights to the Lord of the Rings films, and other filmmakers do.
I just went to the event a few hours ago, and the projects are pretty nice. But it appears on the surface that Apple has only sponsored it as far as giving the students the iPods – and they’re only a 2GB iPod Nano (1st prize), an iPod shuffle (2nd prize), and an iTunes gift card (3rd prize). And one or two guys from Apple were judges. Whoopee. Not really. Sure, they’re still iPods, and cost money, but unless Apple was more involved than that, I’m not sure why they’re a sponsor. Are they giving the university free technology or something? We’ve still got a lot of really old G4 machines that need replacing…. I know that they plan to equip the remaining legacy labs with Intel iMacs over the summer, but I’m not sure if Apple’s helping with that financially.

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