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Will Microsoft Adopt Darwin?

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Microsoft Switch Ad CampaignThe idea that Microsoft would ditch its own OS for the key underlying technology that powers Apple’s flagship operating system came to me in a most auspicious e-mail from a dear friend of mine, Dr. Arnold E. Handy, a well-regarded professor of gynecology who wrote me convinced the process had already begun. After laughing my head off for a solid 5 minutes and barely catching my breath I finally whimpered “Dude, you’re outta of your f—in’ mind”.

I’ve since slept on it and mulled over various coincidences. I’m now convinced he’s unequivocally right. Handy made the following 4 observations:

– The first was that the Microsoft Switch ad campaign was over. Despite desperate measures to get consumers to switch, nobody did.

– Microsoft is obviously tired of getting hurt by Open Source as evidenced by its half-decade-long steadily declining market share. Rather than fight the wave of innovation and dependable computing, it’s now ready to embrace it.

– OS X is based on BSD. Microsoft’s original TCP/IP stack included many components coming from open-source BSD code.

Microsoft has been getting a lot of help from Apple to facilitate the migration.

I rest my case.

Props to Nick for the Googling, and his perspective.

Update: See also this Funny Cartoon by Joy of Tech. (tip: Rob )

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26 Responses to “Will Microsoft Adopt Darwin?”

  1. Paul D. Murphy

    You are a moron. Microsoft is working closely with Apple because they will be delivering a CLR version for the MAC at some point in the near future.

  2. (sigh of relief!)

    If there was ever going to be truth in all this.

    Perhaps Apple will make a small Windows Mac Mini to test the Windows waters! Even better a dual OS Mac Mini. Nothing huge to hurt the Pro Line and nothing too ‘pretty’ to distract from the pure beauty of the iMac line. Just a harsh spunky middle child to feed to the wolfs/hackers and Windows switchers. That leaves it open to stay in the middle, move up or down the product line or get totally dropped.

    Just a thought! You heard it here first!

    (loved the story by the way, had me really worried, more so than Dvorak’s!)

  3. Bob:

    If you look around at some of the more recent Microsoft / AMD ads and such they are becomming quite the bum buddies! While AMD makes far superior chips than Intel at the moment (especially on the server end, less so on the mobile end, a-la Pentium-M / Core), they seem to be developing at least a marketing relationship with Microsoft. So it would make sense that they could just fall back on AMD as their main platform which of course is the same as intel’s, only better (for now :)).

    What _I’M_ waiting for is someone to make viable cell processors and throw 15 of them into a desktop! WOO!!!

  4. When I heard that Dvorak said he had ‘very compelling evidence’ that Mac would switch to intel, I was open minded to hearing his evidence.

    The so-called evidence was so laughable that I’m actually really dissapointed in him. Brilliant article, and yes, sadly I remember the Microsoft Switch campaign.

  5. Another thing I (perhaps falsely) remember about the MS switch campaign was the attached Word document that revealed the author to be a PR consultant whose company did work for MS

  6. I’d venture a bold guess …


    I’m not sure i’m personally acquainted to someone who’s actually switched to windows, from Mac.

    The other funny thing about that “switch story” is it doesn’t do an effective job of telling you why you would want to switch, but seems to rather focus on how you would switch if you wanted to.

    The few “why” arguments they had in there felt insanely flimsy. And i really was trying to believe her … “it”.

  7. So did you guys actually remember microsoft’s bogus “switch” web page which i referenced heavily above? It was entirely written from a first-person point of view, recounting a lady’s switching experience.

    The picture I posted in insert was the picture of the supposed switching-lady. Hours after it was slashdotted, people dug out that very same picture from a stock picture web site, and started posting links to that very picture from the stock pics site.

    It was quickly figured out that microsoft’s “switch” story was 100% made-up.

    Soon after their scam was uncovered, microsoft pulled-out the web page. But many of us had saved the original from the Google cache, or the site itself.

    Unlike Dvorak, I did back-up my claims with copious linkage ;)

    Ergo … this is all true! HAR!