Will Microsoft Adopt Darwin?

Microsoft Switch Ad CampaignThe idea that Microsoft would ditch its own OS for the key underlying technology that powers Apple’s flagship operating system came to me in a most auspicious e-mail from a dear friend of mine, Dr. Arnold E. Handy, a well-regarded professor of gynecology who wrote me convinced the process had already begun. After laughing my head off for a solid 5 minutes and barely catching my breath I finally whimpered “Dude, you’re outta of your f—in’ mind”.

I’ve since slept on it and mulled over various coincidences. I’m now convinced he’s unequivocally right. Handy made the following 4 observations:

– The first was that the Microsoft Switch ad campaign was over. Despite desperate measures to get consumers to switch, nobody did.

– Microsoft is obviously tired of getting hurt by Open Source as evidenced by its half-decade-long steadily declining market share. Rather than fight the wave of innovation and dependable computing, it’s now ready to embrace it.

– OS X is based on BSD. Microsoft’s original TCP/IP stack included many components coming from open-source BSD code.

Microsoft has been getting a lot of help from Apple to facilitate the migration.

I rest my case.

Props to Nick for the Googling, and his perspective.

Update: See also this Funny Cartoon by Joy of Tech. (tip: Rob )

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