PSP Not Faring Well For Movies; Studios Cut Titles

Ah, to mess up a good thing…that’s a particular speciality which Sony has. The company had a window of opportunity with Sony PSP, and now, well, they blew it. With sales falling below expectations, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Paramount Home Entertainment and Warner Home Video are cutting back on movie releases for the PSP.

While comedies that appeal to the core young male gamer demo are doing well, execs say other PSP movies simply aren’t selling, the story says. So now the Sony people are trying a few things: they are touting a new adapter that would allow a user to watch a PSP movie on a TV, the idea being that consumers don’t have to buy two copies: one for PSP and another for TV.

Top PSP movie performers generally sell more than 100,000 units, though the average release posts sales closer to 40,000-50,000 units.