News From The Guardian On Mobiles

The Guardian has done a fair bit in the mobile space, and now it has finally gotten around to launching a news service. The service is run by On2Go, the sign-up is here, and it is free during the beta test.
There are some interesting features…the mobile service gives the same stories that are in the newspaper but users can personalize the topics they subscribe to and the order in which they appear. The articles are only downloaded on request to minimize data usage. “The service is one of the first on mobile to include graphical advertising with a pioneering “click to callback” option which allows a user to request a callback – or a brochure by email or post – from the advertiser. Other unique features include a “send” function which emails the user the link to the story requested for future reading.”
The service is accessed through the Guardian Unlimited website, but you can also sign up for the beta test through the On2Go website, and there is this sentence in the press release: “On2Go plans to add other content providers to the service in the next few months.” That looks like it will be a “leading sports agency”.
The actual structure appears to be that the Guardian is putting its content onto On2Go’s service rather than On2Go developing a special service for the Guardian. I assume the Guardian will get some revenue share from the advertising, if not some other compensation.
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