A Quick Lesson for Everyone


I’ll let you all in on a little secret. Actually, it’s not really a secret, just a point that most of us forget as our emotions cloud whatever issue we find ourselves getting riled over. You see, sometimes people write about something that has some potential validity, but ultimately they don’t believe in. Why? Because it gets people talking. It creates controversy. It creates traffic. But when everything is said and done, the people writing these things are generally smarter than that. They know better than the hypothesis they’ve woven. But it achieves the result they were looking for.

With your new-found understanding of the world, I give you Dvorak. The tech writer that us Mac folk love to hate. I believe he’s an intelligent man. I also believe he writes a lot of things that he doesn’t exactly believe, but thinks could be possible based on little bits of information.

In the article that prompted this ‘lesson’, (I won’t be linking to the latest article in question, as I don’t feel the need to propogate this thing. However you can find it easily enough if you look a bit.) Dvorak tries weaving the idea that Apple is set to ditch OS X and start running Windows-only instead. He sites a handful of points – some may not seem TOO far fetched – that just don’t stand up in the end. Why? One of these Operating Systems just works. The other doesn’t.

So go ahead and find the article if you like. Read it. But when the blood starts to boil, just breath and remember my wise words. (Do I hear my wife laughing???) Dvorak has to be smarter than that. He’s just trying to drum-up more readers and high emotions with his seemingly crazy ramblings.


Mark Thomas

Dvorak is a child. He thinks that just because he can get the lions angry by teasing them with a stick, he is some kind of genius. He’s not. An escaped monkey could accomplish as much.

The fun thing is to email him whenever he pulls a stunt like this, because his reactions to criticism are usually quite shrill. He calls you names.

But what do we expect? Dvorak is one of the few actual Mac to Windows switchers. He knows that the move, made for money, revealed him to be soulless and without integrity.

In the eternal Mac vs PC argument, there are fanatics on both sides, but there is a critical difference between the two. Mac fanatics are fanatical because they know they’re right. PC fanatics are fanatical because they know they’re wrong.

That’s Dvorak.

John M.

Cause he is so good at it. He’s paid to throw these bombshells. I find him entertaining.

Andrew Coles

You’re exactly right on Dvorak. What bothers me is that he’s been doing this for years, and people still fall for it. Why does anyone even read him any more? When is the last time he said anything that turned out to be true, or even relevant?

John M.

John Dvorak has been writing columns like this one for decades. He does it because he knows how it sets certain people off. Call him a provocateur or a troll. He just likes to stir up a hornets nest now and then. And it looks like he has succeeded again.

For those who are (relatively) new to the Mac, he was MacUser’s official “Anti-Editor” back in the magazine’s early days.

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