Paperless Challenge Podcast Part 4 available


Eric Mack and Tracy Hooten have released the fourth and final part of the Paperless Challenge Podcast. In this series of podcasts the duo have recounted their experiences and lessons learned from going paperless with their Tablet PCs. This is a great series for those who are interested in cutting down on the amount of paper documents that must be carried around on a daily basis. I just finished listening to this final podcast and I am going to go burn some papers now.

Almost forgot- Eric and Tracy admitted that they had to print some material toward the end of their paperless challenge. They are expecting listeners to say “aha, you’re not really paperless” but they won’t get that from me. I have been “paperless” for months now but I print things all the time. Usually something that I need to work on in odd places. The big difference, however, is I have already captured the material to be printed digitally so when I am finished with whatever I am doing with it I throw it away. No need to file the paper. It feels so good to throw paper away.

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