GSMA Trials to Pave the Way For Global Rollout of Video Share

“The GSM Association (GSMA), in an initiative led by TeliaSonera, has begun interoperability trials on three continents to ensure that mobile users will be able to share video across networks. Successful completion of the trials, taking place in Europe, Asia and the U.S., will ensure that Video Share services work smoothly across networks and national boundaries right from launch.”
This is important…SMS didn’t take off until it was interoperable, and the same applies to any kind of communication between consumers. This is especially true as carriers and others in the industry attempt to encourage mobile communities…it will only work if the community can share content.
“The tests make use of a technology called IP* Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) to allow users to share video clips across both fixed and mobile networks in a fast and efficient way.”