Google Click To (Crank) Call

Google’s click to call feature seems to be live. You see a “green phone” icon next to the “paid advertisement.” When you click on the icon (or the link) then a little window slides down, where it asks you to put your phone number and then connects you to the advertiser. I just mucked around with it, and well, not a single call connected. Secondly, I am getting the “Google version” of Busy Signal. Like Venkatesh I wonder why the click through doesn’t go to the “advertiser” website.

Advertisers can either bid for “click to call” or just click throughs. Not many of these calls are going to be converted into bookings, since there is not enough information driving the users for initiating call backs. Advertisers will end up paying higher advertising rates for lot of blind calls.

Of course there is that whole element of crank calls.

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