3GSM: Mass market mobile games are simple


Eric Hobson, CEO of Mforma, spoke about making mobile games a mass market proposition at the 3GSM Mobile Entertainment Summit. Mforma, creates content suites (games, tones, messaging) out of content brands (Connect4, Monopoly, MB Games, World Poker tour) then publishes these via global mobile networks. He said not just the tech-savvy early adopters getting into mobile games. Console games are at the ‘wrong end of the telescope’. The mass market will buy games which are familiar, so ‘casual gamingworks best. Why? Mobiles are not designed for games, and these are far down the list of uses after voice/text etc. The mass market “snacks” on mobile games, and it is not dissimilar to people playing on a web site during their lunch break. Card games, puzzles, easy games to pick up and understand and which have a community element work best on mobiles. Examples include World Poker Tour, In it’s first 9 months in 2005 in the US it was downloaded 2 million times last year. They play 50 mins a day on their mobile phone. There are now 58 billionaires (this is not real money!).

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