3GSM: Celebs launch Blogstar to go direct to fans


BREAKING NEWS: Blogstar, a Filipino tech firm launched Blogstar at 3GSM today. Blogstar.com will feature multimedia content uploaded by Hollywood celebrities and to kick off they rolled out Wesley Snipes, Caprice and Julliette Lewis. Also on the roster is Alicia Silverstone and David Arquette. Apprarently they’ve tied up with about 20 mobile phone carriersincluding Cingular, T-Mobile and Sprint in the US; Telefonica, and Vodafone in Spain; Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, Orange, O2, and Hutchison in the UK. What’s the model? Celebs get paid for their content, and Blogstar will do revenue deals with operators. CEO Keith Yokomoto said the celeb content would be tailored for the mobile world and produced by the celebs themselves. “We learned from the Internet that an open system is great to distribute but not monetise.” he said he was unconcerned about pircay as the celebs would be producing plenty of content. Caprice said she wouldn’t stop talking to the media in favour of just sending content to mobile subscribers, but “You can actually comunicate the fans.” Julliette Lewis siad “i like quick aspect of using the mobile [instead of the web]” . Welsey Snipes admitted “I don’t have a phone.” – although presumably he’ll be getting one… For pictures of the press conference see here

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