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VoIP As Music Sales Channel

This is an interesting development…Qpass has expanded its agreement with Skype to offer Personalise Skype, “a service that allows Skype users to include branded music content from iconic UK dance music record label Ministry of Sound (MoS)”. This includes pre-recorded music, voice clips and ringtones.
“If any music majors aren’t seriously looking at VoIP as a major sales and distribution channel then they should take a closer look at Skype’s pioneering ringtone service. There is a clear consumer demand for branded content on mobile as well as on VoIP,” said Chase Franklin, CEO of Qpass. “The ubiquity of VoIP networks makes it extremely cost effective and scalable to sell content services to the global marketplace. This combined with the mass adoption of IP telephony has created a powerful proposition for the music majors.”
I’m not entirely sure of the benefits of Skype over say, music portals, or why its better for mobile music than operator portals, but it does have a big reach.