Technorati lacks Authority


The chatter around Technorati’s Authority feature is so much this morning, that my mind hurts. Guys, did you try it out? Please do, and then you will realize that its not that good. I did that with Scoble recommended “Technology” link, and guess what, I couldn’t find myself on search results – for seven pages. I guess I have no authority in “technology.” Tick, done and forgotten. What else you got Dave?



Authority is just linking blog. I see no realistic important of it. Search Engine sends most traffic to websites and blogs. The site linking are sending very little traffic in most cases. Search Engine vs. linking Blog (Technorati Authority) – Search Engine wins. – My humble opinion.

On lighter side answering Om’s Question

Om Mailk: What else you got Dave?

Pinal Dave : My blog already has Authority in it – SQLAuthority

Jeremy Pepper

Why should I have to tag at all? Is that all I should be doing on my blog, or should I care more about content and actually saying something for the greater conversation?

The “authority” button should be replaced with “popularity and linkers”.


I agree with Chris. There should be a way that makes sites like Om Malik rate higher without having to tag every post with the general subject. Should for example have to tag every post “mac” to rate high on Mac? Doesn’t make sense. On the other hand, I don’t have any other suggestions on how this should be done…

Bob Aman

Seriously, it’s still a keyword search. Unless Technorati starts doing some fancy contextual stuff, maybe like latent semantic analysis or some such thing, unless you specifically mention “technology” in your post, you’re not going to rank highly. It’s hardly any different than, say, Google and others in this regard. As others pointed out, you rank quite highly for “broadband” and other keywords you’re more likely to have mentioned directly in a blog post.

Vaibhav - iNods

Same results, Om. I am surprised with the results when none of the top listed links for several search terms were totally unknown. Not sure what algorithm is powering this features, but definitely needs more work :)


If they had picked a less weighty word than “authority” for the feature they might have garnered a little more sympathy.

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