Senate Hearing On Video Franchising


Up next in the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee series on media and communications topics: Video Franchising, Wednesday, 10 a.m. You can follow along on C-Span 3 (live and archived) or via the Senate webcast. Panelists include Tom Rutledge, COO, Cablevision; Ivan Seidenberg, CEO, Verizon; Edward Whitacre, Jr., chairman and CEO, AT&T; Lori Panzino-Tiller, President, NATOA; Brad Evans, CEO, Cavalier Telephone; Anthony Riddle, executive director, Alliance for Community Media; Gene Kimmelman, senior director- Public Policy, Consumers Union; Gigi B. Sohn, president and co-founder, Public Knowledge.

No, I’m not sure where these panels are going but it’s worth keeping track when core issues are in the glare of the Senate gaze.

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