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Quicksilver Tutorials Round-up

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Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of Quicksilver coverage. Periodically I start to ‘pen’ new pieces on Quicksilver here on The Apple Blog – but then I compare it to some of the other things I’ve read across these great internets and I bow to their superiority. So rather than bore everyone with a sub-par version of my own, here’s a list of great tutorials. This should bring you up to speed, whether you’re new to Quicksilver, or you’re an old pro.

Dan Dickinson:

Merlin Mann:

And a few words I’ve put down:

There are plenty of people out there who prefer Butler or LaunchBar. I’m a Quicksilver guy, thus, my devotion to bringing you all the good stuff it has to offer – even if it’s others’ words. Read up. Change the way you use your computer. Enjoy.

15 Responses to “Quicksilver Tutorials Round-up”

  1. Quicksilver seems to sponsor a lot of mainstream events. I see them on extreme sports events on TV all the time. I think they are a little less known for their clothes now than when they started out.

    Anyway, I always thought it was a decent company…

  2. Jennifer Wojeski

    I have my school’s Exchange email set up through Mail and Address Book, but I can’t figure out how to make Quicksilver look there when I’m using it to compose and email.

    Any suggestions?

  3. Thanks for the very kind words, Nick – I’m very glad to find that people are still discovering and enjoying the tutorials to this day (nearly two years after I wrote the first one).

    But please, please, please don’t let the existing tutorials stop you from writing – much of what I’ve learned have come from others. Random blog posts, talking to Merlin or Alcor, #quicksilver – the documentation for Quicksilver often feels like a living breathing mass. So by all means, write – it won’t go unnoticed!

  4. Kokopelli – yeah, I check for plugin updates about every week, so I’ve been using that Tagging Module for a while. Makes adding metadata to my files about as easy as breathing. Thanks for pointing that one out though, I’m sure there are some people who will benefit from seeing you mention it.

  5. Kokopelli

    Nick, given your habits of tagging files for spotlight searches have you tried the File Tagging Module? I am not sure when it came ou but I only found it today. I have been tagging files by client name and category for a while. The Tagging module does it one better though in that not only can you tag in a more organized fashion but you can query on the tags and find related files.

  6. this is the best free app on the planet. It’s just fits so well into the machintosh way of doing things I’ve kicked myself after the 1st several months on how the machintosh existed without this application.

  7. Thanks Nick! I too have heard rumblings about Quicksilver for sometime but haven’t reallhy gotten it. But I’m downloading it now and with the helphing hand that you are providing I’ll hopefully benefit from it. I’ll let you know!