Oracle Buys HotSiP, Why JBoss is Next

Update: It is looking pretty certain that Enterprise software + Voice mash-up is going to be the reason why Oracle will most def. buy JBoss. They bought HotSip, which has a product called Hotsip M2CE SCE which runs on JBoss.

M2CE incorporates the JBoss J2EE/JMX application server combining the best of web with the best of SIP services. ….. The provisioning API is used for integration with legacy systems such as billing and provisioning systems. This allows for adding and removing users, configuring services, and assigning authorization rights.

Jeremy Zwaodny has his own take, and thinks that Gadgetopia is wrong. I think in the end they are missing the big picture. Oracle’s decision to buy Swedish VoIP company, HotSIP, a clear sign that the world of telephony and enterprise applications is merging. I had written about this earlier. It seems everyone could in the near future be dialing their CRM.


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