Blog Post Continues To Fascinate, Draw Coverage

I’m beginning to think something is being written about somewhere in the world at any given moment between the continued gawking at the site’s success, News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch’s constant mentions and the reports of threats on personal pages or possible misuse by predators. A couple of the latest high-profile stories:
USA:The guys behind In exchange for an on-site visit, the reporter had to promise not to divulge the location of’s Santa Monica office; the building’s lobby sign doesn’t include the company, either. “It’s not that (Chris) DeWolfe, 40, and (Tom) Anderson, 29, are unfriendly, standoffish or anti-social. It’s just that the groundswell of interest in the website they created has overwhelmed them. … That’s not to say there aren’t problems. MySpace employs a staff of about 12 who do nothing but look at all 1.5 million images uploaded each day for inappropriate photos, including pornography. Advertisers are sensitive about the content their brands appear with, DeWolfe says. Despite their efforts, some illicit images still get through.’

AP: All about “a rising internet star whose name isn’t Google.” Tom Anderson: ‘”We want people to stay on MySpace. We’ll give them whatever they might want to do.” The article credits personalization, word of mouth and music for the site’s startling success. “For now, size helps MySpace grow even bigger. Call it the network effect: The service’s value grows the more people use it. And growth gives MySpace more reason to add features.”
The story also looks at “the spotlight on MySpace’s darker side.” MySpace is working with WiredSafety, an internet saftety group.