Hey Kent, Hell Froze Over


It not about A-list or B-list or whatever. It is about A-quality post or a B-quality post. Nothing more, nothing less. Oh the hell did freeze :-)


Rick Mahn

Agreed, its the quality of the posts in a blog that really gets my attention, and probably most others. However, it is interesting how word, hint, link or endorsment from a trusted source (do you trust the “A-List” bloggers) can influence trends so dramatically (brrreeereport, need I say more).

Here’s to more hell freezing over.

Ian Lamont

When it comes to blogs, a lot of people seem to be equating “quality” with popularity. As with other mass media (books, film, TV programs) the cream of the blogging crowd does not always rise to the top. The number of inbound links, which in many cases relates to the age of the blog, helps propel bloggers to the A-list regardless of the quality of the posts. Blog search and tools like Memeorandum help maintain the status quo, giving more weight to the A clique regardless of the quality of particular posts.


If you have A quality posts, you might still not make it into the A List.
Then there are some who make F quality posts ….

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