GSM: Steve Ballmer talks up Windows Mobile


Steve Ballmer of Microsoft was in typical upbeat mood at 3GSM in Barcelona, shouting… sorry I mean speaking to assembled delegates about how “fantastic” Windows Mobile was. He talked about how the mobile device “completes the picture for Microsoft”. He rolled out the numbers: 200 million hotmail users globally, 400m users of Office, 200m users of MSN IM – all gagging for Windows to hit mobile, apparently. They’ve come a long way. In 2000 Microsoft had one device with one operator in one country. Now they have 200 devices, with 47 different hardware manufacturers, and 18,000 different applications. This year they will launch a new ad campaign for Windows mobile. They want to target the into the business market – look out Blackberry. They are trying to cover all the basis with device, server, service. However, one wonders if he ‘doth protect too much’ to borrow a phrase… The stuff people are talking about here are things like Nokia putting WiFi into a handset, for instance. Not Windows Mobile. In fact Microsoft are obviously so nervous about the fact that people don’t talk about what they do on the mobile that he brought (well, he’s doing it right now actually, we’re blogging live here) a procession of people to demonstrate Windows devices and software. Obviously people are just not that familiar with it. When Steve just asked who in the audience had used Windows Communicator, the only people who put their hands up were the Microsoft employees sitting at the front…

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