Camino 1.0 Released

Camino 1.0
Om’s got a short but sweet interview of the Camino developers, along with a brief overview and history.

What do you think? Could you see it replace your Safari in a near future?

A couple of thoughts:

– I wish all browser vendors would more or less agree on the proper shortcuts for viewing a document’s source. No biggie.

WICK is feeling lightning-fast in this version of Camino. Faster than what i typically experience in Safari. Pretty-much as fast as Firefox (and all other OS X Gecko browsers). It’s a pretty decent stress test of a JavaScript engine’s speed when you feed it big data sets. The above example has 5,000 name/e-mail entries stored in memory as a big ol’ client-side array.

– some other DHTML drag-and-droppy (uh, sorry, i meant “Ajax”, sheez) stuff elsewhere is feeling a bit snappier than Firefox.

– Camino Menu … Preferences … Privacy Tab … Show Cookies button: has a neat Cookie search box. Safari doesn’t have one! hah! You can even exclude sites from setting cookies, a feature which advanced users will likely cherish.

– It supports Keychain access, and that’s very good.

– It’s come a long way! I like it.

update:2/14 Camino developer Chris Lawson peeked his head-in :)

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