3GSM: Wireless players commit to content


On a panel here at 3GSM in Barcelona, major league mobile players committed to moving content into their strategy. Antonio Viana-Baptista, chairman and CEO of Telefonics Moviles said “The wireless industry will gradually take more time from people’s attention from the TV and the PC.” But is hinted that content costs remained expesive for operators (well, he would, wouldn’t he), saying “But making a profit from content is about striking a balance with content providers. Right now the rebalancing of the property rights is crucial to make in a sounder industry.” Arun Sarin, head of Vodafone, said “The media industry is changing. It’s early days. But you can’t meet a media executive today who doesn’t know about the power of mobile, and how it will play on a mobile or on the cross promotional possibilities. That recognition exists today. But there’s great deal of frustration over how to render this content on mobiles. Whether its the browser or the screen.” In other words, Sarin feels your pain… As for China mobile, Wang Jianzhou, chairman and CEO China Mobile said “We think the mobile will be a new media. Many content providers ask if we will do content ourselves? The answer is no. We will keep the value chain and have a win win situation with content providers.”

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