Wall Street Journal Says It Hasn’t Changed Its India Plans; But The Key Is To Allow Advertising Targ


Leading global financial newspaper group The Wall Street Journal says it hasn’t changed its plans to have an India edition. In response to our post which quoted a Business Standard article saying that WSJ has changed its India plans as the government’s print media policy is not clear yet, WSJ said the key to a successful business model is to have a combination of advertising and subscription revenue streams.

Don’t think it is accurate to say WSJ has changed its mind. We would very much like to publish in India given its growing importance to a global business audience and also its own growing appetite for global news. But newspapers are a business and without the ability to run advertising aimed at India, it is very difficult to come up with a viable — even if you take the long term view — business model given no newspaper can survive just on subscription/newstand revenue,” Raju Narisetti, Editor, The Wall Street Journal, Europe, wrote in a comment on this site.

Narisetti further says:

WSJ has the most successful paid newspaper website in the world with over 850,000 subscribers. We believe we offer content that is extremely valuable and don’t believe in giving it away — unlike many other content providers online. But paid or unpaid, the issue will again come down to a viable business model and the ability of advertisers to reach an Indian audience via our site.

Wall Street Journal Puts Its India Edition Plans On Hold

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