Sony’s Upcoming PS3 May Do Too Much

Is Sony making a mistake with a Swiss-Army-knife approach to its next gaming device? The Sony PS3, slated for spring arrival, aims to one-up the Xbox 360 and all the rest with a hefty hard drive (the sleek PSP doesn’t have one), Blu-ray DVD player, live net access via “The Cell” (the Sony, Toshiba, IBM chip), and HD gaming. But, as BW points out, Sony’s entire CE division — in fact, the whole company — has a lot riding on the PS3. The article brings up PSX, the prescient 2003 failure that included a web browser, a 250-gig hard drive and access to multimedia content in addition to games but never caught on. The $800 price tag didn’t help but, really, it was just too far ahead of the curve for a broader audience to see the relevance.
Like Xbox 360, the PS3 has the potential to reach beyond hard-core gamers, but, also, like Xbox 360, has to be accepted by the existing community to be a success. Very tricky.