Community Feedback for a New Feature




Are you considering the “all in one place” option as well or is it “gigaom + omalone (heh, just thought of that) vs. just gigaom”?

Jesse Kopelman

That said, I don’t mind everything in the same blog, title-appropriate or not. Then again, I haven’t even switched over to RSS yet.

Jesse Kopelman

I’m not sure your survey has enough choices. How about, “just do it, rationale be damned.”


Instead of creating one more blog, how about dumping the narrow “broadband” label in favor of something more diverse, that will include broadband as well?

Om Malik

right, unfortunately i think a lot of people who would like to read boring stuff would get upset. ;-) for distracting them.


I really like the way crunchnotes works with as an example, so I think this is a good idea.

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