Two Dot Roundup


By Jackson West

The blogosphere has more beef this week than an Outback Steakhouse. Robert Scoble gets pissy about MSN’s custom-domain Hotmail rollout being ignored, and Google’s getting lots of play.

There are some questions surrounding whether Fon’s media profile was helped by payola, self-interested bloggers and misleading reporting.

Susan Mernit explains that this is all standard operating procedure. Jeff Veen says his hands are clean, at least. In other news, Michael Arrington assures the world that he’s not a racist. And I gotta say Valleywag seems to be getting comfortable at the corner of Love and Haight, which is how Amr Awadallah seems to feel about ’em.

Myspace is under fire, with a small put public boycott by some female users, is sensationally implicated in yet another lurid murder and even being attacked by people who should know better — Sillicon Valley parents.

Google isn’t immune from bad publicity either, with serious concerns expressed by both Congress and the EFF, on business dealings with China and massive potential privacy invasion, respectively. Problems that a new logo won’t exactly gloss over. At least Sean Penn can finally get the email address he wants.

Annalee Newitz listens in on bubble chatter at ground zero, Ritual Coffee Roasters .. Matt Haughey wonders if Ajax app demos are the new Powerpoint slides — manna for marketers .. And are these design elements the new rounded-corners? .. For the love of god, don’t put ‘bubble’ in your freakin’ name! .. Odeo bets that people would rather flame on your posts via voice .. Can’t find good trash to build that Tesla Coil with? Team up with other dumpster-divers using cell phones and Google Maps.

Jackson West, writes for SFist. He writes about Web 2.0 and other topics for GigaOm


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