Know Your Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (Updated)

Prashant Sethi gives you a peek into Digital Multimedia Broadcasting which was demonstrated at the TV Korea Showcase in Mumbai on February 7, 2006.
The demonstration of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting was very simply put as -The transmission from a TV is put into a machine for decoding and is then transmitted to a DMB enabled device. The delay is around 5 sec and transmission is real time. This was shown by transmitting one of the channels of ZEE TV to DMB enabled mobile devices. In addition to this, happening of the conference were transmitted live to mobile devices. But what is the technology all about, what is DMB??
DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) — is a mobile multimedia broadcasting service based on a new concept of broadcasting and telecommunication services. Multi-channel, high quality audio and mobility are some of its key characteristics. Another feature, namely interactivity makes it most popular as it provides different types of interactive data services. Its key features correspond to services as follows:-
Anytime, Anywhere, Ubiquitous— Personal TV
Mobile, WiBro (Wireless Broadband) —Interactivity
High quality mobile transmission—-Mobility
Digital, Multichannel, Multimedia—New Media
T-DMB (Terrestrial-DMB) — is based on system A standard and uses Band III. High quality video, audio and data services are provided using video codec for MPEG-4 (H.264) and audio codec for BSAC. 1.152Kbits of Data can be transmitted per second allowing condensed video and audio transmission of high efficiency through multiplexing. This in turn makes multichannel broadcasting possible.
S-DMB (Satellite-DMB)

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