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BitTorrrent Gets Its First Commercial Deal; To Power NTL’s Movie Download Service

Well, the commercial avatar of BitTorrent had to go outside U.S. to get its first deal: it is going to power the movie and music download service for UK cable firm NTL. The trial, which will also include technology from Cambridge, England-based CacheLogic, is the first commercial deal for BitTorrent as it tries to establish its software as a legitimate means of distributing content.
NTL said the trial was due to begin next month and would initially involve less than 100 homes. BitTorrent’s enormous use of bandwidth has been expensive for some ISPs. In the trial, CacheLogic will store frequently downloaded files within the NTL network, speeding up downloads and reducing expensive interconnect charges.
BitTorrent recently tied up with Opera to include its protocol in the upcoming version of the Opera Web browser. Integrating means means faster and more efficient downloads of large files, the companies said.
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