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Perfect Reason To Not Blog

If this is not a good reason to not blog, then what is. Just letting you folks know that I am out there somewhere, enjoying a beautiful sunny day in San Francisco. It just got me in the mood for warm lazy days full of Baseball. Three weeks to go before Spring Training and World Classic.

5 Responses to “Perfect Reason To Not Blog”

  1. vinnie,

    thanks for all. committment is to community. after all your time should be rewarded with at least one post if nothing else.

    anyway i am going to blog for a bit, but then will take off for rest of the day.

  2. One thing moving to Seattle has done is made me appreciate nice weather all that much more. When I lived in the Bay Area, I pretty much took the nice weather for granted.

    We’ve had some nice weather in Seattle the past several days. When you’ve suffered from about two months of straight rain, bright sunshine at any temperature is wonderful. I’m sure it was a bit warmer down there. :)