Will the 6th Gen iPod be a True Video iPod?


Engadget has duct-taped a lot of little info-bites together and come up with some interesting possibilities for the future of the iPod.

  • 3.5″ screen
  • virtual ‘click’ wheel on touch-sensitive screen
  • wifi/bluetooth/etc

It could be interesting. But my biggest hangup on the potential reality of this is the touch-screen click wheel. If it’s a video iPod, do you really want to smudge up the screen you’ll be viewing your content on? I think Apple would have a better solution than that.

But I am excited to see what the near future holds – I mean, it’s been like a couple months since there were any new iPod announcements!



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Would be cool to have a full screen instead of the click wheel… I’ve got faith in Apple, they’ve been innovative thus far and nothing’s really come in the way of any of their simple designs.
Making the iPod a PDA would pretty much kill the original purpose of it being a MUSIC PLAYER, now, wouldn’t it?

One thing that Apple SERIOUSLY needs to concentrate on is the video conversion. iTunes itself takes AGES to convert video, and then there’s the whole MPEG 2 Muxed video/audio problem. I would’ve thought that the iPod, being so simple and straightforward, putting a video on it wouldn’t be such a pain.

@Jon: Congratulations. You cannot spell to save your life.

Nick Santilli

Cynthia – no one knows really. there’s just the typical storm of rumors flying around. sooner than later? hopefully.


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The new iPod AV will be out soon enough, we were able to see some pics of the parts being manufactured.

Carl Lampiere

the thing sound GREAT, i know i will buy it, if there is a problem with the screan apple will solve it. YEAH BABY


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hey…i heard an interesting rumor as “fun” in the last comment hints at. I’ve heard that Apple might be entering the next gen video game system wars…this is still rumor…but its an interesting thought. as for the 6th gen ipod…what ever it’s gonna be, it’ll be an improvement. I’m already saving up my money.


Steve Jobs has sent requests to most major news corporations that some new “fun” items will soon be available, and the date??

Feb. 28

I think he will introduce the black imac, which would just be amazing and go perfect with the black ipod, seeing as though the black ipod is the most popular ipod being sold (in both nano and video sales), it would not seem so far fetched.

The 6th gen ipod featuring the full 3.5″ screen and touch screen capablities (allowing the scroll wheel to appear when touched, and dissapear when not in use) would feature some protective covering for the screen (since a lawsuit was filed in oct. 2005 against the insanly easy scratchability of the ipod nano) and would be way more durable than the previous gen 5 ipod video.
The battery power will have to be substantaly larger, and would need to boast at least 5 hours of continuous playback (since most portable widescreen dvd players can do that, as well as laptops) that would allow the music playback to be at around 40 hours!

Other rumors are that he will include a media station mac mini, and some updated laptops (such as the ibook) with new intel chips.

Everything is rumor, but man these things are so amazing!!!!


What are the prices going to be for this new ipod video? I bet we’ll have to drop 500 at the least.

Julian Leviston

Well if you think about it, Apple are trying to ramp up the video until we’ve got 1 tb portable devices with ALL our media on it – wifi’d and all – and (using the new 802.11n format – extreme extreme airport?? :-)) we’ll start to see a wireless household that using bonjour can connect to any TV or music-playing device in the room. Nice work nice work. :-) So they’re increasing the quality all the time – until we have HD video in our portable devices. All of their technologies will converge – proper full HD with H264 compressing it (or whatever the number is) into iPods that are huge, and still large enough to view all of your movies on them whenever you like. Hooray :-)


Another question that this raises is how does this affect the video formats they currently sell? I assume they would have to start selling full and widescreen versions of everything (if available).


Just a few things:

Im not wild about the contols being on the screen due to all the handling on the screen making marks and leaving finger prints for me to wipe off on a constant basis.

Carring this ipod around in my pocket causing damage and if they do make a hardcase for this device how will you be able to use the controls with the hardcase protection over the screen.

I can see this device getting damaged easly with the force of touching the screen and as I stated above need a hardcase to protect it.

My theory for protection would be a hard case with a clear flip open cover over the screen.


The thing that bothers me is, if they’re releasing a touch-screen iPod, how could it not also work as a PDA? (Even without handwriting recognition if their touch-screen technology isn’t precise enough.)

But, on the other hand, if the video iPod was going to become a limited PDA, why wouldn’t the rumors care to mention that?

Anyway, since we’re all suckers for iPod mockups: http://www.ff00aa.com/en/space/2006/02/09/183240/

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