jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #11- Tablet PC demo video


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In keeping with the Tablet PC demo meme I decided to show a bunch of things I do regularly on my Tablet PC in this special video edition of jkOTR AE.  The video was recorded totally onscreen using Camtasia Studio and I hope you enjoy it.  Here’s a list of programs shown in the order of appearance in the video:

Special thanks to the various artist for the music in this podcast:

  • Felicity Bangg 2000 remix- Emmett
  • I Know It’s You Rock Version- Unknown
  • Joyride- Mr. Nasty
  • Rock City Crimewave- Black Furies
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    David Keppler

    Is there a reason why this show doesnt show up in iTunes? 1-10 are there but not 11.


    Betsy Weber

    Great video! I have a Tablet PC to play with this week so I’ll be trying out some of the programs you demo-ed.

    And, I agree with Alberto – great screencast video for a Tablet PC newbie like me!

    Matt Smith

    This is great. Have you ever thought about putting together a sort of “Video Professor” for Tablet PC newbies? Maybe the same type of thing you did here, but with audio instruction and more in-depth instruction. I imagine that’s something you could charge a small fee for as well.

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