Is there a super hi-res monitor hanging off your Tablet PC?


Eric Mack wants to get an external monitor to use with his Toshiba Tecra M4 at his desk. At least, I’m hoping he doesn’t plan to carry a giant monitor around with him. He has put a call out for anyone who is using a monitor with a resolution greater than 1280 x 1024 to let him know what works. The video card in his M4 will theoretically drive a monitor up to 2084 x 1536 and this is what Eric is trying to do. He is looking at monitors larger than 20 – 30 inches and if you are currently driving a big monitor like this with your Tablet PC head over and leave Eric a comment.



I can’t seem to get 1920 X 1200 on my Tecra M4 using the nvidia drivers for XP. Any tips on how to get that resolution to show up so I can make use of my 24″ LCD?


I’m working with a Acer 19″ (panoramic) as second monitor.
The HP TC1100 gives me a theorical resolution of 1600×1200.
The max. res. of the Acer is 1400×900, but the graphics card only offer 1280×768 ( I suposse the nvidia adaptor only offers such “high-wide relation”.)

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