I have joined the DualCor Board of Expert Technical Advisors


I am pleased to say that I have accepted a position on the DualCor Board of Expert Technical Advisors (BETA). The DualCor BETA is a group of well-known people in the mobile technology sector that have been gathered to advise DualCor on technical matters having to do with the upcoming cPC. This is quite an honor and I thank DualCor for extending it to me. I have written about the cPC quite a lot in the past (prior to joining the BETA) and felt it prudent to disclose my involvement with DualCor going forward. I believe the cPC is an exciting entrant to the mobile technology field and look forward to shaping the future of the device in some small way. You can find information about the cPC on the DualCor web site. I will keep writing about the cPC when appropriate to keep readers informed about the device, but of course I can’t discuss anything under NDA.



Comment from a Baby Boomer! I’m hoping to replace my much-adored Clie NX-80 (and enter the wireless universe) with the DualCor. In lieu of the phone option, I’d prefer a video/still camera feature, as is provided by the Clie.

Colin Walker

Excellent stuff. It’s good to see that DualCor are obviously keen to get EVRYTHING right from the word go by getting people involved who really know their stuff!



Let this post be example to the blogging and review community of what it means to be honest and up front about one’s affiliations. This is the essence of trust and I appreciate that you have taken the time to tell us you are involved in the beta instead of giving us fluff pieces that so many blog/review sites do these days. Thank you.


All I need to know is that your advising these guys James. I was a little concerned about the lack of complete verification of connectivity options on their website (bluetooth, wifi, etc), but the fact your perspective will provide direct guidance to the launch of the product is tremendously reassuring. Besides that, it’s good to just get some news on the cPC. I was in severe withdrawal!


Excellent. Allow me to start the feature request wishlist. I think intergrated wifi/bluetooth was already established. I know everyone wants EVDO, but that requires the cell companies to play ball. Quad-band GSM/EDGE/HSDPA(maybe?) can be rolled out without carrier buy-in, all you need is a SIM chip. Works across the Pond, too


Congrats. Can’t wait to hear more about it. :D

Just switched from the Sony U to the convertable Fujitsu P1510D, but might be switching back to the portable slate mode (ala U-type device) when the DualCor comes out. :)


Josh Bancroft

Congratulations, James! :-)

If you ever need someone to participate in a community evangelism program (e.g., play with a cPC and write about it!), let me know! ;-)

I’d love to get my hands on one of those. I predict it’s going to be THE gadget to have once released.

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