“We Are Upbeat About Mobile TV In India:” Korean Official


Our man in Mumbai, Prashant Sethi, was at the TV Korea Show Case. Here is an interview with Kim, Chang-Soo (Assistant Director, International Affairs Division, Broadcasting Policy Bureau), who talks about their India plans.
ContentSutra: Which are the Indian companies you are showcasing to?
Kim, Chang-Soo: All Indian broadcasters like Doordarshan and Zee TV. They are all here.
CS: I believe you have already had some meetings with Reliance
Kim, Chang-Soo: Yes. We had meetings with Reliance; Reliance is also here today, so the major broadcasters in India are all here.
CS: How are you viewing the Indian Market?
Kim, Chang-Soo: We are looking at introducing Korean content in the Indian market, till now the Indian market has not been as receptive to Korean content, so we are trying to get more Indian audiences in the near future, that’s what we are trying to do.
CS: What are the barriers that you see in bringing content to India?
Kim, Chang-Soo: I think there is a cultural issue that needs to be overcome; sometimes when you look at foreign content you might not be as adaptive as your natural Indian content. That might be something that we might have to look out for.
CS: What are the major technologies that you are selling?
Kim, Chang-Soo: Well, we have DMB right now, its mobile broadcasting and not video on demand, its not VOD. It’s broadcasting itself, its live, we are showing one of the channels provided by ZEE TV right now. We are transmitting the channel to the mobile phone, we are also showing on-site live coverage of what’s happening here in this room. It’s a very interesting demonstration.
CS: I am sure you have surveyed the Indian IPTV market, what do you think about that?
Kim, Chang-Soo: We were quite impressed when we went to Reliance, we think India is ready to go with IPTV. It’s not launched yet but it will be done this year. So we are looking forward to that, and we are also preparing for IPTV in Korea as well. There are always some regulatory issues. An environment needs to be created for IPTV. I think India and Korea are on the same footing.
CS: What are you expecting from TRAI?
Kim, Chang-Soo: Actually the KBC (Korean Broadcasting Commission) is a little different from TRAI. We are a ministry level commission, but nevertheless we are trying to co-operate with TRAI so that we can share information. At the upcoming stage there are many issues that we have to tackle together, the new media is a new area for everyone and co-operation is an essential way for everyone to go forward, we are signing an M.O.U. with TRAI and we are also meeting them. So I am hopeful this will set the foundation for us to go further.
CS: What is being covered in the M.O.U. that is being signed with TRAI?
Kim, Chang-Soo: Well it covers a lot from exchange of information to promoting broadcast content, also technical assistance between the two countries.
CS: How does Indian mobile TV market look like?
Kim, Chang-Soo: It’s a huge market, according to Reliance, the market will grow tremendously in the next few years, so if those mobile consumers get a taste of DMB, I think that would be good business.

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