Toshiba M400 Tablet PC appears on the Toshiba online store


Rob Bushway and Lora Heiny have both noticed the appearence of the newest Toshiba Tablet PC, the Portege M400, on the Toshiba online store. I just checked and the pre-configured model (M400-S933) is the only model available, which is a single core CPU (1.66 GHz) with an 80 GB hard drive (5400 RPM), 512 MB of RAM, XGA (1024×768) display, integrated graphics chipset, 802.11 A/B/G, and a CDRW/DVD-ROM drive. This model retails for $1699, which is a decent price. I would imagine the customizable model will appear when the dual-core processor and higher resolution graphic options are readily available.



hi with the school trhat i go to they give us laptops at the end of year 8
they gave us m400’s customized core duo 1,66
they suck.
they have no graphics card, they freeze up they freeze and the power supply can be easily blown
the main features of it are the super multi dvd drive, the tablet feature and the design of the machine (it looks pretty hot)
if you are considering getting one AVOID the toshiba m400 tablet.
get the lenovo one of a fujitsu
for the sake of where your money goes.
and also the school spent 5 hours putting some bodgey program on our laptops i got rid of it in 5 minutes:P

Sharon Plon

I am VERY strongly considering purchasing the M400 or the IBM/Lenovo X41 tablet. I would be interested in anyone who has either machine commenting on how they would compare them. With regard to Toshiba quality, I have used the same Portege laptop for work and home use for over 3 years without a problem except for needing to replace the hard drive after 2 years of use.


I have received mine. Quality sucks. Customer service makes you wait minimum 20 minutes. Had same problem with credit card. This laptop, customer service, and entire purchase experience was very bad. Go with Fujitsu.


I’m not sure if some of you are still waiting for your M400’s or not? I had a hard drive on a Portege go bad yesterday (2.24.06) so called Toshiba and asked how long it would take for either of the M400’s to be shipped. They told me they were so backed up, it would be the 1st week of April before they could ship either one. Toshiba also told me no matter where I buy the M400, the warranty is still with Toshiba so I then ordered the M400 from PC Connections late yesterday afternoon and it arrived early this morning at my door! So if someone is in a hurry and you can’t wait to have it customized, you might try to order it from a company who is stocking them. Hope this helps. Sandee


After you order customizable M400, Toshiba’s credit department will spend more then 3 days to verify your credit card, and then when you call them and wait 15-20 minutes for Customer Service rep to answer, he/she will transfer you to credit Dept, where their rep will ask you to fax credit card copy to them. After that I don’t know yet what will happen… For my order (placed on 2/12/06) the status is still ‘Verification of credit card pending’.


OK, I hat to sound cheap but the starting price for single core m400-s933 is $1699.00. For the customizable version, the price is $1804.90. Not bad I thought considering that the product description indicated that it was powered by the newest duo technology…. Wait…. Simply to get to this basic s933 model, the price increases to $1941.80.
What the….?
If the duo chip I’ve been waiting for costs this extra amount, I wish Toshiba would just say so.


Ordered mine yesterday – every bell and whistle available – 2.1 duo, 100GB 7200rpm…I cannot wait.


The customizable option is not on Toshiba’s website now. They are having some technical issues with it appears.

Rob Bushway

I ordered a customized one yesterday for a customer with the 1400 x 1050 resolution – integrated Intel but with a 950 card, 100 gb 7200 rpm harddrive – that baby will hum.


The customizable version was available last night as I went over and checked it out. Just for laughs (like I could afford one of these right now, and even if I could like my wife would let me get one). There were a few dual core options avialble, up to a 2.13GHZ dual core processor. The SXGA wide-angle display was an option as well.

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