Time Inc’s Moore: “We Need To Be Much More User-friendly ;” Focus Moves To Time.com


Too bad Messrs. Icahn and Wasserstein didn’t hold on for a few more days so they’d have even more Ann Moore quotes to illustrate the Lazard report. From Brian Steinberg’s interview with the Time Inc. chairman and CEO:

— “I’ve got a thousand brilliant print-sales people who are going to be transformed into a thousand brilliant multimedia salespeople. Shortly. So stay tuned. And I hope they enjoy the transformation.”

— “That Golf.com was a sweet deal…I think there’s money to be made on the Web, and, yeah, you can look to see — you got anything else interesting to buy out there that’s in my price range? … We will continue to look for strategic assets that may not be paper or traditional magazines — if they fit the portfolio and are poised for growth.”

— “This is what I believe: We are a content company, OK? We create and we edit, and we aggregate the best content out there. We can deliver to you, our reader, in whatever format you want it in the future — maybe not on paper.”

— “I think a big priority will be now to focus on Time.com, to see if we can get it as robust, in the same position as CNNMoney.com and SI.com are.”

— “… as we move into other areas like online and TV, there are increasingly more opportunities to work in mutually beneficial way with some of the other divisions.”

Is it just me or would some of this have sounded a lot better a year ago?

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