Schizophrenic Browser User

browser logosRaise your hand if you’re never quite satisfied by one browser and jump around every few months. That’s me for sure.

Safari’s great. Quick, elegant UI, Apple. But just often enough, a page or two don’t render the way they should. Eventually I can’t handle it.

Camino is really nice. It’s coming along slowly but surely. Lately though, I get the beachball of death more than I care to. Odd as it may be, initiating a download causes a prolonged pause of my system. Next.

I’m back on Firefox currently. Oh how I’ve missed the extensions. I’ve got it skinned to look much like Safari. It offers the most customization and power-browsing you could ask for. But from time to time it starts to feel ‘heavy’. Too much under the hood that eventually makes it feel sluggish and I lose the need for the extras it offers me, as I look to move onto something more light-weight.

The circle never ends. Sure, there are other options out there. Shiira is basically Safari, so the rendering issues remain. Opera isn’t bad – and now it’s free which is cool. OmniWeb really seems like a great browser, but despite my picky-ness, I’m not about to spend money on this kind of [free] kit. Flock is an interesting concept, but my tags are too plentiful, and when it syncs, it rails on my system something fierce.

I’m waiting to the perfect browser. I think I’ll be waiting for a while.


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