Schizophrenic Browser User


browser logosRaise your hand if you’re never quite satisfied by one browser and jump around every few months. That’s me for sure.

Safari’s great. Quick, elegant UI, Apple. But just often enough, a page or two don’t render the way they should. Eventually I can’t handle it.

Camino is really nice. It’s coming along slowly but surely. Lately though, I get the beachball of death more than I care to. Odd as it may be, initiating a download causes a prolonged pause of my system. Next.

I’m back on Firefox currently. Oh how I’ve missed the extensions. I’ve got it skinned to look much like Safari. It offers the most customization and power-browsing you could ask for. But from time to time it starts to feel ‘heavy’. Too much under the hood that eventually makes it feel sluggish and I lose the need for the extras it offers me, as I look to move onto something more light-weight.

The circle never ends. Sure, there are other options out there. Shiira is basically Safari, so the rendering issues remain. Opera isn’t bad – and now it’s free which is cool. OmniWeb really seems like a great browser, but despite my picky-ness, I’m not about to spend money on this kind of [free] kit. Flock is an interesting concept, but my tags are too plentiful, and when it syncs, it rails on my system something fierce.

I’m waiting to the perfect browser. I think I’ll be waiting for a while.



Have you try Safari with together with SafariStand? It is the best option by far!

L. Hunt

it’s a far piece from the time of using only Mosiac and then MacWeb, what eye openers they were…today’s choices are amazing and should only improve until Gates&Cia. engineer the one and only browser which will make the rest un-necessary (unusable?).

The great quandry remains not which browser but what to do about bookmark usability (or sharing) between them. Some comments in the AB might be in order, or other users suggestions.

I have attempted to use URL Manager Pro but have never gotten fully into it’s correct and complete set-up.

Set-ups? Methods? Something else availably?


I use firefox and Shiira which I like better than camino and safari due to its look, the sidebar and the way it automatically imports and updates any bookmarks I put in firefox and since I’m used to the way firefox handles bookmarks its easy for me to go back and forth. As for rendering issues I dont know what sites other people go to but I’ve only had one not come up right on Shiira and I had to switch to the fox for a min…oh and opera is ok but they are too slow to update I dunno I just get the feeling like opera is like that uncle that is middleaged and is trying to stay cool….

Avi Flax

[raising hand]

My current usage (by frequency):


Jeffrey Lee

I normally use firefox, unless I am testing a design where I use every browser I can find. Firefox, as many stated above is bloated… I frequently get crashes and when there is an update that fixes one of the issues it breaks my extensions.

Firefox frequently crashes, more so with the newer versions. I am starting to feel a switch coming on but have some problems with Safari and Camino.

Camino: Behind, some things dont render properly
Safari: Color issues (some sites appear different colors), extensions?

Chris Fonnesbeck

I have a G4 optimized build of Camino from the current source code in SVN that is posted at (see the OS X Downloads section). It is pretty snappy, and I dont spinning beachballs while using it. Be sure to install CamiTools for extensive customization options.


And I figured I was the only one…

I’m on Safari (with Saft) currently, after having used Firefox, Opera, Camino, and even Flock briefly, and I’ll agree that not one browser brings the features that I have to figure most of the tech world wants…

Love the OS X-ness.
Love the speed.
Love the lightweight.
But I need more features, or a plugin architecture.

Love the extentions.
Hate the bloat.
Hate the annoying proc usage just from holding down mouse button.

Love the Web2.0 functionality.
Hate everything it brings with it from Firefox that I hate.

Love session saving.
Love the browsing speed.
Hate the startup speed (sloooww)

Love the look
Love the speed
Would like plugins
Would like session saving
Would like more customizability in general

Safari has provided me the best browsing experience thus far, though only with the aid of Saft have I added session saving and other little useful things that make it that experience.


So, you guys don’t get the bug on initializing downloads with Firefox? I do. I am a Firefox user, addicted to some of the extensions, but if I have to do much downloading I use Safari, due to this bug. It’s a pretty glaring bug, I wish they would fix it already.


I’m surprised to find out there are a lot of people like myself!

I switch constantly between Firefox and Safari and neither of them completely satisfies me…but I’ve been trying Camino for a few weeks and I think it’s probably the best so far, it really performs very well and so far I’ve had no problems at all


I have the same problem with Camino and downloads. I’m back to Firefox this week too. (Especially since seeing the themes over at I wish someone would come out with a browser than combined the best of both, with none of the weaknesses, but I guess that’s wishful thinking.


I don’t want to dwell on this in a tech blog, but I know Nick meant no harm. In any case, the problem is the word “schizophrenic” is used in “general use.” It just contributes to stigma of people who are ostrasized because of their illness. We can say many things about being too politically correct vs. contributing to prejudice, but let’s not. If you want to, let’s just pretend we did.

Alrighty! Let’s get back to talking about browsers! I just use Safari. I know Firefox is great, but it does get bogged down for me. I used to have probs with Safari rendering my online banking pages, but with the latest version, it gets the job done.

Justin Crittenden

wow what a can of worms… I’m oficially a Browse-a-holic… Safari, IE 5/6/7, Shiira, Camino, Firefox, Flock, Opera… and a few more on windows… there is no perfect browser, there’s always one that does something better on some site… its probably the fact that I want all the sites I create to look the same in any browser, though typically stick to Camino, and Shiira.


If you use Tiger’s built in dictionary (with your cursor over the word, press ctrl apple D) for “schizophrenic”, you get the following definition:
(in general use) a mentality or approach characterized by inconsistent or contradictory elements. It sounds like Nick was using the term to mean an “approach characterized by inconsistent or contradictory elements.” I am sure he meant no disrespect to anyone suffering from any illness.

Nick Santilli

Lance –
wow – when did schizophrenic become like a ‘racial slur’? I’m not sure how I follow that they’re even in the same ballpark. I’m not being a jerk here, I guess I’m just ignorant on the topic. I’ve never heard of anyone who had any issue with it – please feel free to fill me in.

However, the Origin of the word breaks down as “to split mind”, hence my use of it in this situation.


I have found Camino to be the best browser, hands down. It is simple, light, and FAST. To me, their is no other choice. The only problem I can say is that it does not working correctly with digg, but this is a problem with their site. I use CamiTools to tell webpages I am using Firefox. Problem solved.


Hey, I’m usually not one to nag on folks for not being politically correct, but “schizophrenic” is equivolent to using a racial slur. Also schizophrenia isn’t the same as multiple personality disorder, which you probably mean.

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