MediaPass Connects Windows Media Center PCs And Mobiles

MediaPass has announced plans for an application that provides “seamless access through Windows Media Center PCs, portable media center devices and mobile phones. A user can log in to the service on the PC, begin listening and viewing – and view media on the go via their portable device or mobile phone. The system remembers what the viewer was watching and creates playlists based on the user’s past viewing experiences”. There was a demo at the American Film Institute’s (AFI) Digital Content Lab. This is part of the whole aim to disassociate content from the device it is viewed on. Intel and Microsoft are involved in the app, and Reuters is the content provider being used.
I was given this quote from Reed Price, MSN Video, Movies and TV: “What impressed me about MediaPass and today’s presentation is that form factor is increasingly less immaterial to the users. It’s all about the content. It’s a great opportunity for Reuters to leverage its content brand with all the devices used today. With the common language being IP, it’s no longer an impossibility for consumers to get the content they way where they want. They don’t need to know how to configure each device. It’s the holy grail for the technology industry”.

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