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@ Media Summit NYC: Comcast CEO Brian Roberts

Reached the Mc-Graw Hill building ten minutes into Comcast CEO Brian Roberts’ opening keynote interview. The first thing I hear is him dissing the telcos, and then gives some anecdotal examples of why it will not work. Then he moves on to what he says is his real competitor: satellite, and then goes on to describe why they pretty much suck as well. “Rupert’s a pretty tough competitor, and let’s make sure his gadget don’t work as well as ours and thank God it doesn’t.”

Comments below paraphrased: We’re the world’s largest purchaser of content, about $4.5 billion…we want to buy rights for new delivery methods as well. I am not convinced people want to pay every time they watch a TV show…we want to avoid that. But the best shows is another story. We need to make up for people’s laziness, or if they want portability. We want to give consumers the choice.

There is a bit of disingenuity in some of the other announcements on VOD, for example DirecTV and NBC announcement. You have to buy a new DVR box for it…and once you have a DVR, why would you pay.

We are marketing this to people who don’t have a DVR, and all they have to be is be digital.

Why is Google so valuable? Targeting. We can morph the TV model into that targeted world, and then deliver that to an advertiser….cable is in the best position to do that.

Movies and windowing: We work very hard on that, and it is about to happen fairly soon. You are seeing it for TV shows. That said, it is no longer the center of our thinking, because satellite will have the same thing. Movie companies will, in any case, get the most revenues. Plus we will never get all the movies. A lot of our thinking is, 10,000 shows, not 10 movies.

The business model of TV is more stable…video over Internet us not that stable a model….this is from a content provider’s point of view.

Time Warner-Icahn: TW is a wonderful company and Dick Parsons is a terffic quality person. TW Cable has done an outstanding job, their innovation in digital, their phone service. On breaking up: it depends on company by company, asset by asset. I can look at News Corp and say that it has no reason to exist. But it is a well run company.

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