International Growth Of DAB (PDF)

WorldDAB has released the growth of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) in 2005… DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) is based on DAB and wherever there is DAB infrastructure there is potential for a DMB service.
The parts of the release relevant to DMB:
–Since December 2005, more than 110,000 DMB enabled receivers have been sold. Mobile operators have ordered another 30,000 from manufacturers. Sales are expected to top two million by the end of 2006.
–In the Netherlands, a DMB trial is to be extended and a DAB marketing bureau is being set up by one of the major importers for DAB radios – Music Matters.
–Manufacturer Samsung Electronics has agreed to supply 500,000 DMB phones to two major Chinese mobile TV operators. Both companies plan to begin commercial DMB broadcasting in Spring 2006. DAB digital radio services are part of the package that comes with DMB broadcasting.
–In Germany, two major DMB trials are focused on the World Cup with radio and television services. One is a project called Mi Friends, which has received official status as a European project with a budget of around 18 million euros over the next two years.