A Bed To Dock Your iPod


A few days ago, Dell threw in the towel on its hard drive based Dell Dj line of Mp3 players. Good timing for iPod juggernaut continues to roll. There was the big battleship with iPod docks, and now there is a company in New Zealand that is making beds that have a built in Dock for your iPod. (Play Movie!)

perhaps the most exciting feature is how the shelves can seamlessly accommodate an iPod universal dock and BOSE speaker system. These electronic accessories allow you to enjoy and awaken to your favourite tunes in the most personal of spaces.

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Charles Widdicombe

If only New Zealand was as on-the-ball with all the Web 2.0 developments as the US! It is great to feed my interest in it by hooking into this blog to catch the latest trends.

New Zealand is such a small market though, and their just isn’t the same level of risk taking for developing new ideas because of that size issue. Here’s hoping some of this stuff will catch on here though.

PS my view is we need to get “proper” broadband speeds before it fully takes off (we currently have a max of 2Mbps)…

Stephen Edgar

Yep we do exist, I don’t know if any are in Sydney near that Opera House that is popular overseas but the better folk of Australia are in Melbourne. :)

This is where the equiv. of the Superbowl is played at The Melbourne Cricket Ground, The Australian Rules Football Grand Final in September each year. It will also play an active part in the upcoming 2006 Commonwealth Games that start in three weeks. And the white stadiums are the main undercover tennis courts where The Australian Open Tennis is played.

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