UM President Defends Google Book Search To Publishers: “Change Or Die” (pdf)

(via John Battelle’s Searchblog) University of Michigan president Mary Sue Coleman gave what reads like a passionate defense of Google Book Search during the annual meeting of the Association of American Publishers. That would be the same association coordinating and funding a suit against Google. Coleman invoked Hurricane Katrina, the Khmer Rouge and the joys of research as she explained why Michigan, Larry Page’s undergrad alma mater, is one of the pilot schools.

— “Let me assure you, we have a deep respect for intellectual property – it is our number one product. That respect extends to the dark archive and protecting your copyrights. We know there are limits on access to works covered by copyright. If, and when, we pursue those uses, we will be conservative and we will follow the law. And we will protect all copyrighted materials your work – in that archive. Let me repeat that: I guarantee we will protect all copyrighted materials. … Believe me, students will not be reading digital copies of รข

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