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New York Times Buys BlogRunner/Annotated Times

So this one comes as a bit of a surprise: I interviewed Martin Nisenholtz today at the Media Dealmakers Summit today in NYC, and he mentioned that NYT Digital did three deals in 2005 year: two we know about: investments in and FM Publishing. The last one he mentioned surprised me: he said NYTD had bought out BlogRunner, including the annotated version of

From the interview: “We [also] acquired BlogRunner last year, which is a news aggregator. We discovered it on the Web because the guy who was running it created the Annotated Times. The site took the blogosphere and organizes it by article content, so if the top story in NYTimes is about social security, then it would take all the conversation around that on the Web and organize that. It creates this nexus of content and community which we think is very powerful. We are taking that and we are adding that back into our website.”

There you go…now you know.

mp3logo1.gif You can download the audio here (25 min., 5.9 megs). The firat 30 seconds or so are missing.