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Dow Jones Launches DJ Labs R&D Unit

A very energetic session this morning at the Media Dealmakers conference in NYC today, and on a panel, Gordon Crovitz, president of the Dow Jones’ Electronic Publishing unit mentioned that the company has just launched an R&D unit called Dow Jones Labs. The unit is based in Minneapolis, and was formed recently as a result of MarketWatch acquisition (BigCharts, a company bought by MarketWatch in 1999, is based in Minneapolis). It has launched Live Quotes function on MarketWatch site (look at this story and mouse over any of the stock tickers in the story and you’ll see the new function) and will also launch a “Live News” function soon on the site..

NYTimes also launched an R&D unit recently.

Some more details on it, from Gordon: “Later this year, we’ll launch as a new way to personalize the Online Journal, which we’re confident will become the new web standard for permitting users to configure a site for their own interests. Other initiatives include new web-surveillance and artificial intelligence techniques to help us break news.”