New version of TopDesk adds window flipping

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TopDesk is a great window manager that has always been my favorite. James Stewart continues to add great functionality and he has just released a new version that emulated the 3D flipping of Windows found in Vista. It is really well done and you can see it in action (video) on the TopDesk web site. Note that on XGA screens in portrait orientation only the first two windows in the stack appear at a time. James is aware of this limitation due to the narrow (768 pixels) width of the screen and will be offering an updated version soon that will handle this on rotated screens. Currently on this version it’s not that big a deal as I can scroll through them using the jog dial on the HP tc1100.

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TopDesk is particularly useful if you are giving presentations while in tablet mode. The ability to switch between programs (e.g., PowerPoint, a statistical package, and a drawing program) with a short gesture is ideal for elegantly speeding up transitions.

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