New StyleTap version supports Palm Treo 700w


The developer of StyleTap has released a new version of the Palm emulator software for Windows Mobile that supports Windows Mobile 5.0 and the Palm Treo 700w. StyleTap now allows Palm Treo 700w owners to run thousands of Palm programs on the Treo 700w. There is a 14 day trial version available and the full version of StyleTap will cost you $29.95. There are a few limitations that will determine if a particular Palm program will run under StyleTap:

  • conduits are not supported
  • “hacks” (using HackMaster APE) are not supported
  • Bluetooth not supported
  • Direct manipulation of Motorola 68000 hardware registers is not supported

If you are a recent convert from an older Palm-based Treo to the Windows Mobile Treo 700w StyleTap may be just what you need to run those favorite programs you had to leave behind.



Server, that’s for the Palm OS based Treo 6xx, not the Windows Mobile based 700w.

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