More On Video Downloads, Advertising; Rocketboom Tries EBay Ad Auction

No sooner do I finish one post on video and advertising than more items worth noting pop up. This particular snowball isn’t going to melt anytime soon. The more the video market expands the greater the impulse to organize, standardize — and capitalize.

— MediaPost’s Online Video Insider newsletter today features a call for video ad standards from Carat Fusion’s Christine Peterson, who argues that online video ads aren’t selling as well as they could because “it’s a HARD buy.” She adds that it’s also too hard to track and to execute. (I’m skipping the rest of the cap letters and the exclamation point.) I’ll add a link when I have one.

— Meanwhile, video news blog Rocketboom is going around the media buyers by offering a batch of ads directly on eBay; as MediaPost notes, eBay recently pitched the idea of an online TV ad marketplace. Rocketboom, which is promising 1 million impressions, will create the ads to maintain some control. Bids started at $500 and are $14,999.99 now as people vie to be the first advertiser on the site. Founder Andrew Michael Baron told MediaPost the conventional ad process was too slow for him: “We kept hearing that it was taking too much time for the advertisers and everyone else to understand how it could work.”

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