SplashBlog rocks!


I had the good fortune to meet John Chaffee last year in Miami. John is the President of SplashData, the company behind a program and service I have been having a lot of fun with, SplashBlog. SplashBlog is a moblogging service that makes getting photos taken on the go easy to upload to a blog that SplashBlog creates when you sign up. The basic SplashBlog account is totally free and allows you to post up to 500 photos. If you are a prolific mobile photographer then the account can be upgraded for $30 per year to allow unlimited photos. This is a very generous arrangement for anyone looking for a way to keep photos online to share with others.

What sets SplashBlog apart from other online photo services is the blogging infrastructure. Users are assigned an actual blog URL for their SplashBlog complete with photo categories, captions, archiving, etc. There is even an RSS feed for your blog that you can give to family members and friends so they will always know when you’ve uploaded new photos. Here’s a screen from my SplashBlog (click to enlarge or just go there):

I am having a blast taking photos with my Treo 700w and posting them to this SplashBlog! I downloaded the Pocket PC version of the SplashBlog application directly to my Treo and in just a few minutes I was uploading and viewing my photos on the phone. There are versions of the SplashBlog application for Palm OS, Windows Mobile (both Pocket PC and Smartphone), Symbian UIQ, and the Nokia Series 60 phones. Once the application is installed it will automatically connect up to the online SplashBlog allowing total control over the blog including syncing the photos on the device with the blog and viewing the last X photos on the handheld (user configurable). I recommend anyone who is taking a lot of photos from their phone or smartphone to give SplashBlog a whirl. I think you’ll like it.



Ace, the settings I used for most of the photos I posted are:

640×480, brightness set to the middle (0) postition. A couple of my photos are very bright, the brightness setting was inadvertenly maxed out full bright for those.


Hey Jk!
Hi i was wondering, on your camera for the Treo 700w, what type of resolution, brightness, and quality are you using. I set mine up and it still seems to be a little crappy. I would really appreciate this JK.


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